I have a giant sweet tooth and an unbounded lust for icy treats (even in cold, rainy weather). As a result, when it comes to dessert time, I naturally opt for a treat like almond tofu shaved ice. My hostel owner in Tainan recommended I get this dish during my stay in the city, so naturally I sallied forth to find it posthaste the evening that I arrived.

This plate of heaven is a variation on other Asian shaved ice treats like the Korean patbingsu (팥빙수) and the more simple Chinese shaved ice (刨冰). Not only does it provide the refreshing crunch of crushed ice covering the sweet taste of soft tofu that is flavored with almond delight, but it is also all drenched in sweet red beans and a likewise sweet sauce. After mashing it all together and inhaling it, I was totally blissed out. And then I wanted another, but told myself I should eat a proper dinner.

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