Last night was ridiculous. I was stuck doing audience work (oh how I long for the day that I can call up my call-in service and say “screw audience work! never again!”) Although the message I got when I was booked explicitly stated that the call would not be an all night recording, the show ended up running till 4:15am. Cue my abject despondency. The game show was pretty interesting since it involved throwing items off of a seven story warehouse (they claimed it was 100 stories in the recording…wtf?) My favorite part was when the contestants lost and they dropped them off the building ^^

By the time I got home it was 5am and I had to leave home at 7am to make it to another job doing audience work. Luckily, they overbooked and didn’t need me. So I just hung around a couple of hours while they contemplated if they needed us on other shows and then it turned out they didn’t, so we got paid $24 for showing up on time and hanging around. Unfortunately the guy didn’t have the cash yet so I’m headed out tomorrow morning to pick it up before I audition for some non-paying project. Then I’m going to the concert with 2PM and Wonder Girls tonight!

I’m so proud of myself. I just hit 84 pages on the screenplay I’m writing. I just don’t understand how to wrap it up. I’m so conflicted. I really feel it should all neatly fall in place within 10 pages, but I don’t know that things are fitting right!

In other news, I soooo need to go on a diet. I feel like I’ve been giving birth to this screenplay for reals. Like, I’m literally gaining weight writing it. >.<

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