Today started out at the ungodly hour of 5am when I got a call from my lovely friend Margaret in Korea. “Isn’t it 6pm there,” she inquired. “Noooo…” I croaked. She wanted the name of the waiter I used to use at clubi, but unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to work there anymore. If anyone knows a chill waiter there, let me know so I can pass it on.

Margaret was telling me that things are heating up in SK. Apparently ever since it was concluded that North Korea torpedoed the South Korean warship, Cheonan, in March, South Koreans have been on edge. Her student’s essays are filled with worries about the situation and a potential impending North Korean attack and Margaret herself mentioned her possible evacuation. Creepy creepy.

So, yeah, I was up slightly early for my 8am call time… Today I got to do background work for the show Greek and pretend to be graduating from college again!

My favorite snippet of conversation that I heard on set was, “Dude! Didn’t we just graduate from high school together last week??” Haha, it’s true, we all work the same shows… Who knows what next week will bring? I’m still waiting for the day that I get to be a zombie. It’s kind of like a really lofty ambition of mine.

Then, this evening I met up with Benkie at Haus in Ktown and we discussed what we needed to do to get the rest of the footage we need for the food show we’re creating! While we were at Haus we got Pat Bingsu!!!!!! Oh man, such deliciousness!


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