I’m a toast fiend. I love everything from Texas toast to dry toast that I find in my toaster to that random 棺材板 ~this really weird, yet delicious soup filled toast that I had in Tainan ~ but, for reals, Dazzling Cafe gets the gold medal when it comes to the most scrumptious toast on earth.

I went with my friend this morning and she ordered a marvelously delicious fruit tea. They take the tea and add a ridiculous amount of fruit to it, so that it literally tastes like fruit juice, but tea. It’s sort of like sangria, but not!

I, of course, needed a heavy dose of my morning caffeine, so I went with the coffee. I absolutely loved the presentation with this super-adorable cup and plate set that they utilized!

Then came the main event ~ CARAMEL TOAST!!!!

That’s right, that’s a large scoop of caramel ice cream plopped on top of buttery, toasty goodness, and adorned with a white chocolate fan, nutty goodness, and some fruit!

Yes, you have entered toast heaven, my friends. Please put on a seat belt, because the following is a view of the inside!

Look at that! Little squares of toasty yuminess! The proper method for eating this is apparently to take the knife, lather ice cream, cream, and/or butter on top and then devour it like the mongol hordes!

There I am doing so! Mmmmm, toast…

The waitresses are dressed super-cute too!

If you’re in Taipei, I highly recommend checking Dazzling Cafe out! They’ve got two branches, both off of Zhongxiao East Rd. You can also check out their website and their facebook page



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