If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you probably noticed that I received a head to toe makeover recently! The For The Love Of Chocolate Foundation is throwing a HUGE GALA with the theme of WHIMSY  this February.  So, in preparation for the biggest chocolate party of the year, I got my hair and makeup done in a whimsical style at Mario Tricoci before heading over to Chicago Fashion to don some beautiful vintage outfits! (PS: I vlogged it all!)

The For the Love of Chocolate Foundation is a pretty awesome organization that I’m honored to team up with! They award scholarships to students in full-time programs at non-profit organizations, promoting commitment in pastry arts education.

In the morning, I met up with a couple of members of the organization on Michigan Avenue and we began our action packed day! Our first stop was Mario Tricoci Salon And Spa


My stylist, Lexi, had the challenge of creating a whimsical hair style! I think she rose to the occasion wonderfully! She gave me this fishtail braid on top of whimsical waves! I felt like a mermaid 🙂 

Here’s a clip I uploaded to Instagram! In it, Lexi expertly crafts the look:

After Lexi finished giving me that gorgeous hairdo, I walked across the salon to meet Lola! Lola is an incredibly talented makeup artist who took the suggestion of “whimsy” and created an absolutely STUNNING look for me! 

Mario Tricoci Makeup Artist Whimsy Look Vickie Eisenstein 1 Mario Tricoci Makeup Artist Whimsy Look Vickie Eisenstein

The next stop of the day was Chicago Costume! The staff of Chicago Costume truly went above and beyond for us and pulled some GORGEOUS vintage outfits from their rental collection for me to try on and rock with my new look! 

Here’s a super cute look that included a headband! Very groovy!


And check out this mod dress! Vintage at its finest! I had never worn a throwback dress like this and I think I’m in love now! This is officially my new style!


But, to be honest, I think this look takes the cake! I LOVE this pink dress! With a floral crown, it’s PERFECT!


And, last but not least, here is the vlog that I filmed and edited:

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