So, I’ve seriously attended 4 networking events in the past 2 days. It was comparable to a marathon. Meet and greet, meet and greet, meet and greet, repeat! I’m getting good at pitching myself concisely and I’ve made quite a few promising connections. So, I’m happy about that ^_^

The picture of the car at the top of this post is from right outside the Writers Boot Camp headquarters. Since I’m totally inordinately proud of finishing my first screenplay, I decided to celebrate my victorious slaying of the first draft beast by calling myself a writer and going to their business breakfast yesterday. I met a bunch of swanky cool writers and it was awesome learning from Elisa Oliveras how her company goes about picking and developing content.

Last night I ended up at a Filipino American Network event (I was told it was not just for filipinos, but I definitely got there and was the only non-filipino in the room besides the waitress, lol)! They were doing speed networking, so it was kind of like the same deal as with speed dating. Everyone was paired off and then given three minutes to chat. Upon completion of the three minutes there was a DING! and we were signaled to rotate. I loved it. Speed networking is an amazing concept. It’s so useful because at mixers people tend to separate into cliques and stick around people they know. This way, doing speed networking, you’re forced to talk to everyone. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring enough business cards. I’m going to urge other organizations I belong to to do this.

This morning I hit up the Hollywood Networking Breakfast, which was cool because it allowed everyone to do a 15 second pitch for themselves and then we listened to some folks from production and marketing at DreamWorks chat about their careers and how they made it to where they are and what they’re looking for.┬áThen, this evening there was another event thrown by the same people called “The Next Big Thing”. Lauren Lloyd shared her experience getting into and out of the hollywood studio system. She’s started a website for BIGTV, where she helps content creators develop, edit and produce their shows. Totally up my ally, right? Haha.

So, that’s all awesome!

I’ve got an audition for a game show tomorrow. I’m hoping it goes well ^_^

This weekend I wanna get some writing done and hopefully finish up that food show that Benkie and I have been working on.

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