The key to getting more views and subscribers on your YouTube channel is making it easy to find and view your content!

If you want more views on your YouTube videos, leading to more subscribers, it’s incredibly important to set up your youtube channel homepage so that people can easily find your content! Even if you have professional quality videos that are engaging and sharable, if people can’t FIND them when they visit your YouTube channel, they will simply leave without watching!

I watch a lot of small YouTubers. I enjoy supporting the community and often find AMAZING content with really accessible creators on channels with less than 500 or even 100 subs! A lot of times, one of the main things holding these small youtubers back from growing at a faster rate, is the way they have their YouTube homepage set up, aka they don’t.

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Make sure your channel homepage is setup for people to view your videos and know what your channel is about!

When I get a comment on a video of mine and see that the commenter is a creator, more often than not, I make the decision to follow the comment over to the creator’s channel. NOTHING is more frustrating than landing on their youtube channel homepage to find the words “This channel doesn’t have any content”. I KNOW the channel has content. I saw the channel had xyz amount of videos on it! So, why is it not displaying on the homepage?

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Something else that often comes up when I land on a small youtuber’s channel homepage is a recent activity feed! If you’re advertising the videos that you liked on your homepage, people will watch those videos instead of your own! That translates to less views and less subscribers.

And, sometimes, even if the channel has their homepage setup to show playlists of their own videos, it’s in no discernible order and doesn’t give me a clue what the variety of content the user produces is. It makes it hard to find the content on the channel that I would like and watch it. And, if I’m not watching it, I’m most likely NOT subscribing.

Make it easy for people to find the content they are interested in on your channel.

A textbook has a table of contents so that readers can find what they need to or are interested in learning. Your channel needs to have playlists, so that users can find what they need to or are interested in watching! If you’re a beauty channel, make playlists separating your videos into popular categories that you do like hauls, tutorials, GRWM, OOTD, etc. If you’re a gaming channel divide your content into let’s plays, walk throughs, game x, game y, game z ~ etc.!

My video on how to set up your channel homepage and create searchable playlists:

I made a video to cover everything from how to create a playlist to the strategy involved in deciding the layout of your YouTube channel homepage. Quit showing a recent activity feed and start showing off your content when you setup your youtube channel! I do a walkthrough of how to set everything up 🙂

Here’s a guide to what this video covers! If you watch the video on YouTube itself, rather than as an embedded video on my website, you’ll be able to click the timestamps in the description and skip directly to that point in the video.

1:27 Enable “customize the layout of your channel”

2:13 “This channel doesn’t have any content” – check to make sure your channel home page is not displaying this one phrase! If it is, you need to add playlists and select a channel trailer.

3:35 Select a channel trailer so that unsubscribed visitors and new visitors have a video automatically play for them when they arrive on your channel.

3:55 Click “add a section” to add a playlist to your YouTube channel home page.

5:00 Using channel artwork to set the tone for your page and inform potential subscribers about your content/ personality/ upload schedule

5:36 Standardizing your headshot or logo across all of your social media platforms to increase (brand) recognition

6:13 Explanation of my strategy for where in the channel layout I placed my “what to watch next” selection, channel trailer, popular videos, recent uploads, and series playlists

7:51 Explanation of why I put collaboration videos and other videos that I’m in that are not hosted on my channel on the bottom of my channel home page.

9:05 “Add a section” revisited – adding playlists to your channel page when you have a lot of content to choose from.

9:59 Add a playlist section that consists of multiple playlists. A playlist of playlists!

11:03 How to make a playlist (This probably should have been at the beginning, lol)

12:22 Adjust playlist settings to change the playlist order (newest to oldest, oldest to newest, most popular, etc.)

13:02 Make a playlist an official playlist by selecting “set as official series for this playlist”

13:40 Add a playlist description to boost SEO and increase your playlist’s ranking in search results.

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