Blondes have more fun!

I’ve embraced the philosophy that blondes have more fun by adding some blonde highlights to my hair! I’m really impressed with Tony, the stylist @ Chess & Burman Salons who I went to, because I really feel he kept my hairs’ natural character throughout the highlighting process! Almost everyone has said the look is perfect for me and I am pleased as a fiddle! I had been contemplating going blonder for a couple months, but with my best friend Megan in town, I finally took the risk and did it!

Speaking of Megan, we had fun doing our usual shenanigans, like eating such spicy hot pot that our mouths were still burning hours later ^^ If you’re out in Arcadia, check out the Red Door (红门)~ it’s soooo delicious!

Last night we went out to celebrate Megan’s birthday – so we hit up Hollywood for some froyo, clubbing (we ended up at Playhouse, which was suffering from a terrible dearth of attractive men), magazine perusing (I ended up buying Cosmopolitan en espanol so that I can study ^^), and then we ended up stuffing our faces at the calbi truck! Oh man, that stuff is good – they’ve got kalbi tacos and kimchi quesadillas!

Of course we were trash-talking the club and the weirdos around us in Korean while eating, and it didn’t occur to us until maybe five minutes in that the people in the truck might understand us, haha.

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