One of my good friends from Cornell joined forces with some other friends here in Korea to launch a social commerce site, Dealicious, aimed at providing great deals for foreigners ^_^

The launch party was yesterday in Hongdae, at the club Soundholicity. So, guess who was VIP *hands to the roof ~ what! what!*

It was pretty awesome, as I got to spend time with some good friends of mine, meet new people, and see some kids I haven’t seen in FOREVER. But, the best part was the performance by The RockTigers, which involved flexing some hardcore rockabilly muscles, hehe.

Their lead singer, Velvet Geena, has to be the coolest person I’ve ever seen. I just adore her style. She’s totally proof that girls can be 멋진 ^^


I took a video of the last song they performed so y’all can enjoy too! ^_^


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