I am so excited to share the big news that I’m a winner for this round of the YouTube Nextup program in New York!!!!!

I’m beyond myself!

I’ll be flying out to New York City this November for a week of classes on everything from production to audience growth! Instruction ranges from topics like audio design to green screen production! Plus, they pair us up with mentors! Partner managers will help us with channel strategy and advising us on how to spend the equipment grant money they will be giving us!!!! (I AM SOOOO EXCITED! DID I MENTION THAT?)

I’m so jazzed to check out the YouTube space in New York and to learn EVERYTHING I can!!!! The program is a fabulous opportunity and I can’t believe I was actually selected as a winner. Anyone who has between 10k and 100k subscribers to their YouTube channel can apply. I’m currently at 22k 🙂 The application process required writing essays and submitting a video. If you qualify, definitely apply!

Here’s a YouTube video I just uploaded to explain a bit about the program and share the news with my subscribers!! I also included my October favorites!


My faves include: Books, Sake, Netflix, Makeup & MORE!

If you’re interested in the books I mentioned that my friends wrote, here’s the links:

Stephanie’s YouTube Channel
Stephanie’s book: What Doesn’t Kill You

Our Perfect Marriage
A Twitter Chronicle of Claire and Alan’s Arguments

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