A couple of weeks ago my friend Sean, who I did the sketch show “They Think They’re People” with at The Second City, approached me to see if I’d be interested in doing a comedic spot for the delicious chain Firehouse Subs! Of course, I said yes!

Firehouse Subs Napkin Hoarding DOOMSDAY parody

We had a great time filming in Chicago and the resulting video shows it!

Firehouse Subs Doomsday Parody

Although the video itself is a spoof of the DOOMSDAY series, you can appreciate it even if you haven’t seen the show (I still haven’t)!

I play a lady who LOVES Firehouse Subs’ King’s Hawaiian Pork & Slaw. I’m extremely paranoid that a run on subs is going to cause a napkin shortage. In other words, I’m a napkin hoarder!

Firehouse Subs Doomsday Parody

Are you ready for DOOMSDAY?!

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  1. Oh hey I found your website lol. But I saw the napkin shortage and OMG it was awesome and you’re amazing! I would actually probably hoard the napkins lol. Anyways amazing acting and it was funny you’re going places!

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