I’ve got improv fever ^^ Indeed, I’ve caught the bug! Since I arrived in Seoul this Spring, I’ve been practicing with the expat improv comedy troupe in Seoul: (SCI for short). While I did take basic improv classes at The Groundlings in LA, I’ve found SCI to be the perfect place to grow as a performer. At the moment we only perform short form, but we’re hard at work honing our skills so that someday in the future we will perform looooooooooooooongwise as well ^^

This Saturday, December 17th, we will be taking the stage at Moon Night in Itaewon together with the professional comedians from ImprovBoston! I can’t believe I’mg onna have the opportunity to perform onstage with professionals of such high caliber! I am beyond excited for this. Like, I get excited when someone hands me a bag of cheetos and says I can go to town. This is like if somebody handed me ten varieties of cheetos, a couple of key lime pies, and a never ending chocolate malt fountain and told me that for that one magical day calories would cease to exist. Oh, and throw some egg tarts in there too. I love me an egg tart.

Hmm, so coming back to reality from my beautiful daydreams, we’ve been practicing multiple times a week, and I’ve recently started reading and listening to the podcast too ~ great stuff ~ a veritable treasure trove of information. Sometimes my mind is blown away by all the cool, educational stuff on the internets!

So anyway, if you’re interested in coming to the show, e-mail seoulimprov@gmail.com. Tickets are ₩20,000 and include a free drink 😉 And come out to the after party at Bar Carmen after the show!

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