Korean TV Credits

Korean TV Credits:



춘천MBC 신나군(2012 – 2013): A talk show about the army, Reporter/Self

MBC 보고싶다 (5회) (2012): Event staff

SNG1 SBS 스타킹(2012): 개그킹: I played Lady Gaga



KBS 굿모닝 대한민국 (2011): 권진영’s English Tutor

Arirang Korea Top Ten: Record Holders (2011): Co-host with Bronwyn MullenGoGo



KBS2 고고코리아 황금발(2012): A domestic travel show featuring foreigners traveling to various locations in Korea, self/mc

MBC 서프라이즈 (2011-2012)A corny reenactment show, various characters


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