After taking the stage combat class at The Second City, I was really excited to continue my studies in pretending to beat up people and acting like much more of a badass than I could ever be in real life. As a result, when our teacher recommended a drop-in workout with a stunt group on the north side of Chicago, a couple of like-minded classmates and I decided to go


Broken arms aren't fun :-(
Broken arms aren’t fun 🙁

It was exhilarating! The group practiced in a gym that was dedicated to Western martial arts! Swords and suits of armor littered the room. I felt like I had finally found the dopest place to hangout on earth. (Yeah, I know dopest probably isn’t a cool term anymore.)


When the workout started, there was tumbling, jumping, falling, and shoulder rolls. I was flying through the air into multiple shoulder rolls, landing on mats, and feeling like I was a cannonball or a superhero or something else kickass. Most of all, I was loooooving the fight choreography.


Unfortunately, my first class must’ve been beginner’s luck, because I really messed myself up during the second class. In the middle of jumping over a bar, and grabbing a gun while going into a shoulder roll, I began thinking about how to grab the gun. In the middle of doing a stunt you should never be contemplating how to do it – you have to just do it. It’s kind of zen like that. I messed up the move and I put my hand down first. NEVER put your hand down to catch yourself.


My wrist and straight, extended arm took all the impact.


At first I thought it was just a minor injury, and I kept doing fight choreography for another hour.


It’s now clear that I am a testosterone-filled man.

In my splint :-(
In my splint :-


When I got home I iced it, but the pain was not going away. In fact, when I woke up the next morning, I couldn’t even move my arm. I couldn’t extend it and I couldn’t bend it. My mom took me to the hospital, and it turns out I have a radial fracture!


🙁 I am le sad 🙁


I had just started to get back in shape these past two months. I was loving yoga, WERQ (dance fitness), and stunts. I was really hoping to drop the pounds this summer. Now I’m not sure that I’ll be able to accomplish that.


I have an appointment with the orthopedic doctor this Friday. We’ll see what he says as the final verdict for my arm and what he recommends as appropriate for exercise.

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