MunchPak Taste Test & GIVEAWAY!

MunchPak is an amazing subscription box service that sends out candy, sweets, snacks, and even drinks from around the world! I got a regular sized MunchPak filled with 10 snacks and had at it in my latest taste test video on YouTube!! Plus, MunchPak is being kind enough to sponsor a giveaway for my subscribers! So, two lucky giveaway winners will get a mini MunchPak filled with 5 snacks!


Enter my MunchPak Giveaway here

This MunchPak included: Tic Tac from Indonesia, St. Mary’s Plantain Chips, Bourbon Creams from Ireland, Saltas from Croatia, Zhongwang seaweed fried dough twists, Beer Nuts Cashews, baby back ribs potato chips, Big Roll from Thailand, Hi-Chew from Japan, and Chupa Chups!!!

Upcoming Show: Doomed Pilots

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be an actor in Chris Churchill’s production of his “doomed” sitcom pilots at The Second City! I’m super excited! I always love performing Chris’s work AND this will be my first time performing at The Second City’s new stage: Judy’s Beat Lounge!

You can get ticket info here 🙂

I’ll be performing in every show except for November 17th when I will be in New York City for the YouTube NextUp Program!

(Read my blog post about the YouTube NextUp Program Here)

Here’s a brief description of what the show is, blatantly copied from Chris 🙂

The idea is simple: a television show made up entirely out of the intentionally dumb pilot episodes of what would be very stupid television shows. Dumb ideas, fully realized! Chris Churchill and Nate Herman present four Thursday nights of staged readings of these “Doomed Pilots” and fake commercials. Featuring some of the best comedic talent in the city and special guests along the way. There’s humor on multiple levels. We hope you enjoy the show at whatever altitude you find it.

So, yeah! I’m pumped!!

I’m a YouTube NextUp New York WINNER!!!!!

I am so excited to share the big news that I’m a winner for this round of the YouTube Nextup program in New York!!!!!

I’m beyond myself!

I’ll be flying out to New York City this November for a week of classes on everything from production to audience growth! Instruction ranges from topics like audio design to green screen production! Plus, they pair us up with mentors! Partner managers will help us with channel strategy and advising us on how to spend the equipment grant money they will be giving us!!!! (I AM SOOOO EXCITED! DID I MENTION THAT?)

I’m so jazzed to check out the YouTube space in New York and to learn EVERYTHING I can!!!! The program is a fabulous opportunity and I can’t believe I was actually selected as a winner. Anyone who has between 10k and 100k subscribers to their YouTube channel can apply. I’m currently at 22k 🙂 The application process required writing essays and submitting a video. If you qualify, definitely apply!

Here’s a YouTube video I just uploaded to explain a bit about the program and share the news with my subscribers!! I also included my October favorites!


My faves include: Books, Sake, Netflix, Makeup & MORE!

If you’re interested in the books I mentioned that my friends wrote, here’s the links:

Stephanie’s YouTube Channel
Stephanie’s book: What Doesn’t Kill You

Our Perfect Marriage
A Twitter Chronicle of Claire and Alan’s Arguments

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2016 DIY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES TUTORIAL| Harley Quinn, Kim Kardashian, Eleven from Stranger Things, & Damn Daniel

Halloween is coming up! And, that means it’s time to get dressed up in COSTUMES!!!!! I love this holiday! It’s so much fun! I think it’s because I get to release my inner-cosplayer, hehehehe 🙂 For YouTube I made a video on DIY Halloween costumes covering some of the biggest people and fictional characters of 2016! I had so much fun doing it! I invited my friend Emily over and she helped with the makeup and filming! (Thank goodness! Thank you, Emily!)

Here’s the YouTube video I made with step by step instructions for how to create looks for Harley Quinn, Kim Kardashian, Damn Daniel, and Eleven from Stranger Things! If you keep reading this post, I’ve got some pictures and a list of pieces you’ll need for each DIY costume!


Damn, Daniel!

First off, DAMN, DANIEL!!!! It was all the rage a few months ago to copy the viral video and yell, “Damn, Daniel! Back at it again with the white vans!” That’s why I feel this is a perfect costume for Halloween! Wear it to a party and you’ll definitely have people interacting with you, shouting to damn you and yelling about your white vans!

Plus, it’s an EASY DIY! After all,  Daniel wears this style outfit every day to high school!

Here’s my Damn Daniel DIY Halloween Costume:
vickie-damn-danielTo get this DIY costume look, you’ll need a few simple things:

  1. A white tee! Or similarly casual tee!
  2. Jeans (or khakis – he wears those too)
  3. A maroon backpack! I got this for $30 at Target!
  4. WHITE VANS!!!!! (These are actually knockoffs from Palyess Shoesource)


Kim Kardashian DiY Halloween Costume

Kim can’t keep her clothes on, so for this costume, that’s the appearance you’ll also give!

Kim Kardashian supposedly broke the internet multiple times this year with her nude selfies. I only saw a bunch of black bars. So, this costume is Kim CENSORED!


To get the Kim Kardashian DIY Halloween Costume, you need:

  1. A flesh colored body suit (I used Spanx for tummy control!wooo!)
  2. A black foam board for censorship bars
  3. A boxcutter to cut the board!
  4. Some tape to put the bars on – or you can hold them and drop them!


Harley Quinn DIY Costume!

I’m so sure that Harley Quinn is going to be a HUGE costume this year for Halloween! Here’s my DIY version! If you’ve got a friend or partner who wants to do a couple’s costume, you should definitely find yourself a joker! 🙂

vickie-eisenstein-harley-quinn-diy-costumeTo get this Harley Quinn DIY costume, you’ll need:

  1. A red baseball tee
  2. black bootie shorts!
  3. Fishnet tights
  4. A belt with some metal on it! Think punk!
  5. A baseball bat
  6. Hair chalk in two colors – blue and red/pink
  7. White face paint
  8. blue eyeliner
  9. red/pink eyeliner
  10. black eyeliner or makeup crayon
  11. bold lipstick!

I have instructions on how to do the makeup and hair in my youtube diy video! Please check it out if interested 🙂


Stranger thing’s Eleven diy costume

Stranger Things was such a HIT on Netflix this summer. I know I binge watched it in no time! If you want to dress like Eleven, here’s the DIY costume for you!


For this costume, you’ll need:

  1. As large a yellow t-shirt as possible!
  2. A bald cap
  3. Foundation and brown/black makeup to simulate a buzzcut
  4. red face paint for blood!

I have instructions on how to actually apply the makeup in the video!



NEW HAIR | Platinum Blonde to Brunette with Blonde Highlights

I did it. I made the HUGE CHANGE!!! I’m no longer platinum blonde!

vickie-eisenstein-new-hair-1 I had been a platinum blonde for over 4 years (I think?), and the look had been great to me! When I was living in South Korea, all the foreigner casting notices were looking for a blonde haired, blue eyed actress. It definitely helped me secure work! Plus, I can’t lie when I say, that old adage “blondes have more fun” is quite true!

However, all good things must evolve.


I had gotten to the point where dying my hair platinum blonde was seriously burning my scalp. It was a bizarre form of torture to visit the hairdresser. Albeit, we all know the adage, “beauty is pain”, but should beauty really be burning agony? Should beauty make you want to dunk your head in aloe vera and scratch it all away? Probably not. That’s a medical danger.


So, I decided to go back to brunette! I’ve gone lighter than my natural color, a more honey-brunette – if you will – with some blonde highlights thrown in.

Here’s the YouTube Vlog I made about my transition from platinum blonde to brunette with blonde highlights. It covers the whole time I spent in the salon and shows each of the steps from the first filler dye to the blonde highlight foils! Check it out if you’re interested in the salon process of going from a dyed platinum blonde to a brunette with blonde highlights! I kind of feel like Rachel Green now 🙂


If you’re interested in getting your hair dyed at the same place I did, I got my platinum blonde to brunette with blonde highlights job done at Interlude Salon in Chicago, Illinois! My stylist’s name is Chris and she is fantastic! She’s the one who made me platinum blonde to start with! On my first try at going blonde, I was an odd, golden retriever color, lol 🙂

Thanks for reading! I appreciate it!