Fight Night6
Here we are, the cast of Fall Our Tragic!


Fight Night – Fightsgiving @ the Den Theatre was so much fun last weekend!

Nothing Special Productions put up a bunch of great pictures from the show too! So, I thought I’d make a post out of it 🙂 I was honored to be on stage with these girls (and Chad!) and under the direction of Maria and Holly from Strangeloop Theatre! Justin was awesome as a fight choreographer and really made us all shine 🙂

Fight Night1
Here I am as Winter, choking out Fall!


Fight Night4
Holly did my hair so pretty. Here’s Autumn asking Dionysus to be straight with her! The chorus members hold tablets 🙂


Fight Night3
As a chorus member, I was quite taken with Dionysus, god of the theatre!


Fight Night2
Ooops… did we say something wrong, Dionysus?


Fight Night5
Typical ending for a Greek Tragedy, eh?

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