School of Bricks


School of Bricks – it’s the story of one PTA mother’s rise to the top!

This has been such a HUGE ENDEAVOR!

After multiple all-night editing binges, I finally have the finished product!

I have to give special thanks to my actors:
Zheryk Badugu
Grey Dolan
Sommer Austin
Bruce Phillips
Jamie Campbell
Angela Beckefeld and her bicyclist son, Roman Beckefeld
Steven Lyons
And so many thanks to my music dude: Ryan Miera

It’s been two weeks of constant work and I almost gave it up at one point when I showed my first edit to a couple of people and no one laughed and I was convinced I was a failure… but, I couldn’t trash it because too many talented friends had given me their time and talent to film it!

So, I’d like to give a HUGE thank you to all my talented and gorgeous friends who withstood my swearing like a sailor.

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