This morning I went to my erhu lesson and I’ve progressed from key of D to key of G! Excitement! My erhu teacher is going to San Francisco next week so I won’t have a lesson until 2 weeks from now. I’ve gotta keep myself motivated and make sure I practice.

After my lesson I grabbed 순두부 for lunch! It was AWESOME. AND I have leftovers! Afterwards I headed to my internship, but because I had some free time, I decided to stroll through the Chinese supermarket. Of course, that means I ended up buying all sorts of random stuff, including bean juice. I don’t even like bean juice. It just made me remember my days in Beijing and I got all excited and so I had to buy it!

And, I was going to go to bed right now, but then I was taking a picture of the soy juice and I saw my favorite dish ever and I ate it all -.-;; That’s it I’m going on a diet. But, for reals, what is this called??? I LOVE IT. It’s my favorite!

Oh man, so yummy!!!

Anyway, so I went to my internship, read a screenplay, summarized it and then ran off to Japanese class and Spanish class. My mind is mush now. Hahahaha.

So, yeah, I edited some of the Socal tourism promo DVD to create a Chinese hosting reel for myself. The quality of my edit is ridiculously cruddy. I need to learn how to edit better videos. Since Chinese can’t access youtube, I had to put it on Tudou.

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