According to my mother, when I was a young babe of only 3 or so years of age they took me on a trip to France and I managed to consume a whole, large plate of mushrooms, replete with all sorts of different varieties. Here I am around two decades later, still with the same insatiable appetite for mushrooms.

Due to my fungal proclivities I was SUPER SUPER EXCITED when my friend offered to take me to a restaurant in Taipei dedicated to mushrooms.

To start off the meal, they provide you with two small dishes of mushrooms to share, one of which tasted like some sort of sweet, crispy mushroom chip. We’re talking 7th heaven baby.

Shortly there after they bring out the amazing beauty that is “mushroom sashimi”. Let’s talk about some amazing iced mushrooms that I lovingly placed in the dipping sauce, mixed with wasabi and then wolfed down.

Then came the main attraction. They brought out about a dozen different kinds of mushrooms and threw them in the soup pot to be brought to a boil before our eyes. As they dumped each plate into the soup, they explained the different health benefits of each type of mushroom. I began to feel like I might live to be a centanarian.

After the timer let us know they were ready, we fished the mushrooms out, dunked them in sauce and feasted like the kings of Fungustopia.

For the carnivorously inclined, they also had trays of meat so you could shabu shabu it up with some traditional hot pot style beef or mutton.

Included in the meal was some crazy tea. From the picture it even looks like soup. I was told it was healthy. It tasted healthy, that’s for sure.

To top it all off, they served us plum flavored jelly. It was a little firmer and certainly more delicious than any Jello I’ve ever made from a package.

I totally recommend this restaurant to anyone who is in Taipei and loooves mushrooms.


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