Nothing makes me happier than Taiwanese street food! It only takes a block-long walk to make it to a street near my hostel with numerous vendors selling everything from fried dumplings to bountiful bowls of noodles to sweet and chewy bubble tea. It really is joy manifested within a single block. A mini-night market of delight.

Today I decided to try 牛肉捲餅 and I have absolutely no regrets! Essentially, the dish is a pan fried pancake, similar to a crepe, but a bit thicker and crispier. The pancake is then topped with an oh-so-sweet sauce (甜麵醬) and a thin layer of beef. The last step is to add a bit of green onion and then roll it all up! How’s that for true to its name, eh?

The tasty combination of an almost chewy pancake, thin cuts of meat layered in a sweet sauce and that fresh, crisp onion leave you with an outstanding (and outstandingly cheap, if I might add) lunch! For 70 NTD (less than 2 bucks) you too can achieve beef rolled pancake nirvana ^^ I certainly did.

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