The best part about Tuesdays is that I have them blocked off and can’t get booked for any background work because Tuesdays are language days! I take Japanese and Spanish classes at the Beverly Hills Lingual Institute, which I think really does a bang-up job of teaching foreign languages. I absolutely adore my Japanese teacher because she’s so cute and my Spanish class is usually muy divertido ^^

Today was super awesome because I had some Malaysian/Burmese food for lunch and some excellent conversation @ Mutiara in Inglewood with Lynnette! Here’s the pictures:

Yuuuuuum! Jealous? Hehehe

Oh, and I also had my erhu lesson this morning in Pasadena, so I stopped by San Gabriel to pick up some Chinese dvds and cute stuffed toys ^^

I’ve been reading an uproariously funny travel memoir called No Touch Monkey! by Ayun Halliday¬†and I think I’m gonna aim for finishing that before I hit the sack. I’ve just been going through some LA Casting notices. They’re so funny. I think my favorite of the night is one looking for a butcher for a music video. The description of the part is literally “Nice, appealing butcher at a super market type..” Since I’m more of the butcher at the artisan meat shop type, I won’t bother submitting. ¬†I would hate to get type cast.

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