Today’s episode features Chris Churchill!

Chris Churchill is a writer, actor, comedian, and musician: the consummate renaissance man. Originally from Kansas City, Chris has been in the Chicago comedy and music scene since 1997. Among the last to study under improv guru Del Close, he has performed all over Chicago (including The Empty Bottle AND Second City) with his band/sketch comedy group “Los Shut Up” (1999-2004).

Chris wrote and directed “Chair” in 2007 which was highly recommended by the Chicago Reader. He also made the no budget movie, “Thirsty Blackwater’s Karaoke Showdown” in 2012. He continues to write plays and is currently working on a documentary about his mother’s extreme mental illness.
Chris Signed with Mint 400 records in July 2015 for his audiobook, “Ballad of the Small Talker” and will start releasing other spoken word and musical projects through Mint 400 in the coming year.

You also might catch him playing with his pet birds or driving around town in The Story Bus for the Dolores Kohl Educational Foundation.

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