Hey ma! I joined a collective!

Great news! My podcast The Eisenstein Effect (iTunes link here) has officially joined The Second Wind Collective, a group of podcasts and blogs of Chicago comedic performers! Big thanks to Dan Schiffmacher, one of the founders of the group! It’s pretty nifty in that there’s artists featured who are into film, improv, and everything else! Dan and I actually met while training at iO Theater. We had our 5b grad shows together!

“So what?” You ask?

What does this mean?

I’m a part of a cool network of podcasts now!

What does this change?

Nothing! But, more exposure is good exposure! 🙂

Stay tuned!

Look forward to the next episode of the podcast! It will feature comedian Jamie Campbell!

YouTube it up and watch The Eisenstein Effects edited down interviews on VIDEO! 🙂

Here’s the edited YouTube interviews for fun! Watch them while you wait for the next episode to come out!

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