One of my favorite aspects of Korean drinking culture (술문화) is the philosophy that you’re meant to eat while you drink (I think you all know why this appeals to me. I’m a 먹보! ㅋㅋㅋ) As a result, a certain type of bar is popular, called a hof (호프 ~ the term comes from German). A night out at a hof with friends entails ordering a bunch of dishes to share and dolling out the soju. These dishes to accompany your drink are called “anju” (안주) and they are oh so delightful. So, even if you don’t drink, join your friends when they go out next time just for the food ^_^

You can usually get good anju side dishes at any establishment that serves drinks, i.e. hofs, restaurants, and karaoke joints. In fact, the purchase of anju is usually required if you’re going to order alcohol. Last time I was out, I took some pictures of some delightful side dishes.

두부김치 Tofu and Kimchi, is pretty ubiquitous. There’s something about all that warm kimchi slathered on tofu that gets me every time ^^

Egg Soup is also the bomb.

And, it wouldn’t be a night out without some scrumptiously unhealthy french fries!

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