One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.
-Arthur Ashe

I’ve decided to start writing more about my recent, all consuming passion: acting. Yay! It’s kind of a way to keep track, review, and organize what I’m learning ^^

Recently I’ve been doing some acting on a couple of reenactment shows, including a popular Sunday morning show called Surprise on MBC. In general, it usually has off the wall plots with ridiculous, unsuspected endings. Hence the title, Surprise! I hear originally it was one of those shows where you guessed which story was true and which was made up, but over time it has evolved into overdramatizations of wacky news pieces and urban legends. As you can imagine, a large portion of the acting consists of over the top, surprised reaction shots.

Although the script is ridiculous and the style of acting is also amusing to say the least, there’s still a lot to learn on set and I’m finding it a great place to get my bearings when it comes to film acting.

In the most recent episode I filmed, I played the role of a daughter whose mother died of a heart attack while hoola hooping. During the funeral, when my mother unexpectedly resurrected herself and sat up in her open casket, I was so shocked that I had a heart attack and died. SURPRISE!

I think I had three major take away lessons from last Friday’s shoot.

  1. Heart attacks don’t kill you instantly. (It took me quite a few “fall slower!”s from the director to figure that one out.)
  2. For a death scene in a dress, it’s probably best to think more about limb positioning on that first take…
  3. Coffins are actually extremely comfortable to lay down in! (For reals! I wouldn’t mind a coffin-based hotel!)

Lessons learned!

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