I first shared this on Facebook with the note:

“No one thought it couldn’t be done! Literally, everyone felt it was possible and I could do it well. But, I did it anyway! I MADE A VIDEO OF ME HAVING LUNCH WITH MY HAMSTER.
Please share this! Help me break the internet!!!”

I honestly never expected more than 50 or so people to show genuine interest in the video. However, today – after only two days – ┬áthere’s already 500 views! And, it seems like everyone I know in real life watched it. LOL

I’ll answer some common questions!

Q: What kind of bread was that?

A: Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin!

Q: Did you toast it?

A: No!

Q: How much can your hamster stuff in her cheeks?



Thanks for joining me for that Q&A.


Here’s the video!

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