On Thursday I had a wonderful time at Club Volume. My friend got us into the VIP reopening party and let’s just say it was a waterfall of vodka for all. I suppose I’ve finally discovered the definition of what Far East Movement means by “getting slizzard”, ㅋㅋㅋ. Especially following a last couple round of shots at the owners’ table. Haha, love life.

Subsequently it was really hard to walk and not fall over. So…we did fall over. And my arm got somewhat incredibly painfully and dislocatedly pinned between my friend’s body and the cab door. Ooops. The next day I couldn’t lift my arm. As a result I decided to see the doctor. What an experience!

First, the doctor had me put out my arms and he touched a couple of points above my wrist. Apparently this told him something about a point inside my leg, a little above my knee, because he pushed it really hard and I yelped in pain. He murmured something like, “ah, yes, I knew it,” proceeded to place some sort of sticker by my shoulder, and pushed a couple of pressure points around my shoulders crazy hard. Then he took my head in his two hands, rolled it around for about thirty seconds and proceeded to — CRACK! — then he rolled it about another half a minute and — CRACK!– two lovely cracks.

It hurt, but damn I feel realigned. At last he returned to the spot above my knee, pushed really hard and I didn’t feel any discomfort at all =)

So, now I’m taking some Korean medicine and I can move my arm all around and I’m happy as a plum. I will not be drinking for awhile, thank you!

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