FLART is a Coached Ensemble like no other: funny, sexy, calm, collected, lethal.

The Second City Coached Ensemble FLART
My Second City Coached Ensemble, FLART, does serious.


I think one of my absolute favorite things about the improv experience here in Chicago at The Second City is this little thing they’ve got going called Coached Ensembles. It’s an opportunity for teachers at The Second City to put together an ensemble of students (for some it’s the first time they perform in front of an audience) and try out any form with surprisingly hilarious results. Each ensemble gets 15 minutes on Thursday nigh to make magic in front of a packed house in Donny’s Skybox for four weeks in a row. I think it’s all thanks to Brian Posen being awesome or something like that.


My Second City Coached Ensemble, FLART, also does happy.
My Second City Coached Ensemble, FLART, also does happy.


For the past few weeks I’ve performed with the most amazingly glorious group of the funniest people on Earth: FLART. Aimee Davis coached us in the art of how to have fun and taught us the secrets to making it to the main stage. The two other groups that I’ve performed with didn’t manage to stay together, so I’m hoping that we do!  I even tried out my German accent on stage for the first time with them all!

Posing in the green room behind Donny's Skybox Theater.
Posing in the green room behind Donny’s Skybox Theater.

I just want to paste a bunch of hearts here to signify my love: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥



I have so much love. It’s like a flowing river that won’t dry up until 5 billion years from now when our sun explodes. And even then, it will still exist. Just as a burnt out crisp of star. Until some aliens come along and wear sandals with socks. Typical.

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