At long last spring has arrived in all it’s glory! The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and despite the lingering winter chill in the air, the girls are wearing their short skirts out to party! That’s right, kids, it’s cherry blossom viewing time!

Since time immemorial, it’s been tradition to take full advantage of the short period of time in which these lovely Cherry Blossoms appear by holding flower blooming parties! My friend who studied abroad in Japan originally introduced me to this glorious custom of “hanami” (花見), and we’ve done our best to uphold the sanctity of the tradition by taking our own trip to the Han River, to picnic, view flowers, sip wine, and compose poetry!

Apparently everyone else in Seoul had the same idea! I took the subway to 여의나루역 and I was simply amazed at the crowd that was inching its way towards the exit! I hadn’t seen so many people at a standstill since New Year’s Eve in Taiwan.

The vendors were out to capitalize on the crowds, and there were corn dogs, kim bap, and beer aplenty! They oh-so-conveniently positioned themselves between the station, blooming trees, and the river, such that you couldn’t help but start to ponder what might be good to purchase on your way to the river, hehe.

Having avoided the vendors, we set about having a picnic ^^

The setting was beautiful, the company was grand, the wine was tasty and my roommate brought Cheetos! Simply put, our flower viewing party was so bomb, you’re probably weeping because you missed out.

I know you’re especially sad you missed my friend running around the river bank with our blanket in some sort of postmodern gesture.

After our picnic we took pictures with the blooming flowers and then I ran off to improv!

I call that a Sunday well spent ^^

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