It’s White Day! Yay! Check out the pretty chocolates and donut holes that we’ve got in our apartment courtesy of the holiday ^_^

If you’re a westerner who is confused and thinking, “Huh? Is this a racist holiday?” I’m here to let you know that it’s not, and inform you about this interesting holiday that is such an important part of Korean culture.

White Day is basically a response to Valentine’s Day. While Valentine’s Day is February 14th, White Day is March 14th!

Now, Valentine’s Day in Korea is the same as Vday in America, in that it is a large sugar-rush for most people. However, the gift giving direction changes on this side of the world. On Valentine’s Day, girlfriends give chocolates to their boyfriends. As a result, White Day, March 14th, is the day in which guys treat girls to chocolates, candy, flowers and whatever other little romantic sentimental gifts.

I’m happy for the existence of both days since I love chocolate and cakes. Hehehe. There are displays outside of every convenience store and bakery with candies and cakes for White Day.

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