I spent a week at the YouTube Space in New York for the YouTube NextUp Program!

The YouTube NextUp program was AMAZING! I had such a wonderful time meeting sixteen other dedicated creators and learning all sorts of things about production and branding! We had workshops on preproduction, camera technique, audio, lighting, green screens, and post production — editing! In addition, we learned more about branding and talked strategy for our channels! Plus, there was some fine wining and dining going on too! AND SWAG! NEVER FORGET SWAG! I’ll be putting out my vlog about it tomorrow (took over 20 hours to edit since I was teaching myself Adobe Premiere!)! I seriously feel so grateful that I was given the opportunity to do the program!

One of the coolest parts of the YouTube NextUp  program is that you spend a day utilizing all you’ve learned by filming videos for your channel with your team  members! (We were divided into teams by channel type! Mine had three other channels with a comedic bent to them!)

Here’s a fun behind the scenes #BTS picture from the day we spent filming our videos!

Behold, the product of the YouTube NextUp program!

Given that we found out which set we would be using the day before the shoot (The YouTube Space in New York has a number of sets ranging from a diner and the oval office to a boardroom, a Brooklyn apartment, the main studio, and a set for the movie “Sing”), it was a bit of a rush to come up with a sketch idea!

I had to come up with a sketch idea and write it all out the night before! Then we edited it on the last day of the NextUp program and held a screening! It was awesome to show my work to so many YouTubers and hear their reaction live. The live reaction is not something I always get when I put out a video, since I’m used to reactions via comments 🙂

For a rush job, I think this is very good! I love the production value since I was able to use a bunch of high quality camera/lighting/sound equipment at the YouTube Space! Plus, my team mates were awesome for helping as cast and crew!

My time at the YouTube Space  New York was amazing! I’m so glad I got to do the NextUp program! I really look forward to putting out the vlog and sharing more about it with everyone!

In the meantime, feel free to check out my friends who helped out with this video!

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