I just wrapped on the first horror show I’ve ever acted in!!! It’s a really well produced web series from GripWrite Productions called Shadows of Hidden Hill.

Here I am all happy at the end of the shoot this weekend!

lol Lightroom

I gave this a fitting caption when I posted it on social media:

Woman seeking man for fun times ☀️
Prone to bouts of possession and homicide
Hobbies include finger painting with fresh blood 

To be honest, I was a little nervous to act in this series when I took on the role. I’d never done a straight up horror show before! But, I’m so glad I took on the challenge!!

My character gets possessed and goes a little crazy. By the end of filming, I had A LOT of fun with it! 

Check out episode 2 on YouTube! I’ll let you know when my second and final episode is out! 

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