Glenview History Center Emcee
Here I am dressed in my (borrowed) best 1800s finery!

I recently had the honor¬†of acting as the narrator/emcee for the Glenview History Center and Northbrook Historical Society’s annual cemetery walk. I had a blast! It’s always great to work on a project with people that are so¬†dedicated and enthusiastic about what they do! Thanks to their hard work, I delighted in the opportunity to riff on the stories presented and historical facts.

I think I found my optimal demographic for stand-up routines… Forget comedy clubs! I was made for the cemetery!

The Glenview Lantern, our local newspaper, was there and they did a nice write up of the event! I’m now famous in local circles! Even my eye doctor told me he saw me in the paper!

I'm locally famous!
I’m locally famous!

I hope to do the walk again next year!

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