Never in a million years would I have even daydreamed about getting a recipe published in a cookbook! After all, my cooking style is very, shall we say… “free spirited”? I don’t ever follow a recipe and cook only to my own taste. However, I am officially retroactively adding getting published in a cookbook to my bucketlist!

Thanks to the awesome people at Star King’s “Cooking King” (스타킹 요리킹) I had my recipe for kimchi stew (단무지 김치찌개) published in a compilation from the official cookbook for the kimchi stew competition.


When it comes to cooking and dining, I like to consider myself a woman of rather superior taste. However, I’m not above using common ingredients. The judges seemed slightly horrified that I could purchase all the ingredients for my recipe at the convenience store, so maybe next time I’ll lie and say the kimchi was made by my grandmother who lives in the Korean countryside, about 10 days walk from Seoul. That’s right, judges, I walked the kimchi to Seoul. It has the taste of sweet hardship clinging to it. Enjoy. It also may have fallen on the ground a couple of times… the hardship may just be mud…




You can check out a news article on it here (only available in Korean)


Anyway, I enjoyed the competition ^^ I joined some of the other contestants who were starving during the couple hours of filming and we cooked some stir fry, drank a bunch of makkoli, and one guy even pulled out his guitar to sing about kimchi jjigae  ^^ It was pretty chill.

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