Today started out cool. I woke up early and met Benkie down at Santa Monica Pier. I then drove him around as he shot footage for our food truck project! We got some good stuff for the introduction, and I recorded the introductory voice over as well. We’re gonna finish up the intro tomorrow and then we should be able to start filming interviews at trucks this week!

In the afternoon I did a couple of hours of stunt training for a short film I helped rewrite and am now helping act in. Aiya, I am in so much pain now. I haven’t done punches and kicks like that for about 4 years! However, I totally understand the desire to be a stuntperson. It was such an adrenaline rush like nothing else! You get so into it that even though like you’re not really getting your ass kicked, you feel like you are! Vis versa,  it’s totally awesome to kick someone’s ass too. Finishing moves are the bomb. I’ve gotta go back for more training tomorrow~ should be awesome, if I can even move tomorrow that is.

Since it’s my friend Frances’ birthday, a bunch of us went to see The Actresses () at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival this evening. It was an amazing movie. I loved it. However, I think you might have to understand Korean culture to really appreciate it.

Afterwards we hit up the party for the festival and then Feel Noreibang in Ktown for some karaoke. I sang my voice away ^_^

I’m meeting up with Benkie again tomorrow morning, but maybe I can make myself wake up early and do some language studying.

P.S. You know you’ve been hanging out with too many actors and stuntmen when you’re driving in your car, start using your straw as a 1920s style long cigarette, begin yabbering about your cats in a British accent and then mock-stab yourself in the neck.

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