Murder! At the WIP


I’m very excited to announce that I’ve been formally cast in a murder mystery at The WIP Theater in Edison Park (Click here for show synopsis and tickets), Chicago! I’m PUMPED to be doing dinner theater for the first time! We’re currently in rehearsals and I really love the cast and director! My fellow actors really bring their own delightful charm and charisma to the characters of the script!

Friday and Saturday @ 7pm
September 5th – October 5th
Sunday Matinee Starting September 21st
$35 for a dinner and a show!

I’ll be playing Phyllis, a woman filled with dreams and schemes, but encumbered by an unfortunate husband who is a bit of a drag  – i.e. I’ll be a penhecking shrew, but my husband deserves it – OR DOES HE? DA DA DUUUUUUUUUUM!

Basically, I arrange to have a seance to attract business to my inn, and then a real ghost shows up –  OR DOES SHE? DA DA DUUUUUUUUUUM!

The whole play is rather silly and fun. YAY! Dinner theater! Y’all should come and see it!


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