London is fabulous! 

There! I said all I need to say: London is FABULOUS! After a few days in the countryside at Soho Farmhouse (click to see my blog post about it here!), I spent the rest of my week’s vacation in the vibrant metropolis of London! Scroll to the bottom of this post to watch my vlog, which is replete with footage of everything from the trip!!! 

I stayed in a very utilitarian airbnb in Shoreditch. It wasn’t much, but it got the job done! The highlight of my trip was the city itself and my friends!! 

Here’s a selfie I took in the airbnb! To see more of the room, check out my vlog!


To start off my adventures in London, I met up with a friend I only knew through YouTube and Facebook, Yaron Shavit of Shavinism! He’s such a talented performer and comedian! We walked all around the South Bank, saw the National Theatre, and got some great pictures of Parliament and the London Eye! 🙂 

Then, I popped over to Chinatown to meet up with my buddy Rossana! She’s also a talented performer! 🙂  To see us together, check out my vlog!

The whole time I was a bit nervous since I’d heard London Bridge was falling down… (har har, bad dad joke, I know)


Later that night I had an AMAZING Vietnamese dinner at Cay Tre in Shoreditch! Check out this DELICIOUS tofu dish!


And I shared the meal with Stu Levy and Sarah Begum! Two AMAZING people I’m lucky to call friends 🙂

The next day I was out and about around London! Here’s a shot where the sun made my hair look pretty fly 🙂


And, I headed to London’s Comic Con!!! Check out this steam punk R2D2!!!


For a bunch of footage of comic con, check out the vlog: 

I had such a fun time in London! I would love to go back and see more someday soon! 

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