I stayed in an english cottage IN THE COUNTRYSIDE! It was so quaint and BBC like!!!

(Click here to see my vlog about it,  OR scroll to the bottom of this post!)

It had been almost 3 years since I’d taken a trip abroad and wanderlust was absolutely killing me!!! I ended the drought with my recent trip to jolly old England, and I am so glad I chose to visit the Brits!

I started off my stay with a few days in the countryside, out in Oxfordshire at Soho Farmhouse! AND MY STAY WAS FABULOUS! It was soooo relaxing! They have an assortment of amazing restaurants (including a Japanese joint and an Indian Curry Shack!), a rockin’ gym, a theater, horses, and so much more! I could have stayed there the whole week and not been bored once!

Know what else was really incredibly cool about Soho Farmhouse? The cottage experience!  Here’s a picture of the one where I stayed. I took this in the early morning light and I’ll admit it looks a little ominous, but I just love the colors! 

 The cottage was outfitted with a cute, little kitchen stocked with all the drinks you might like and a fresh loaf of bread with some locally sourced dairy (which I didn’t eat because I’m vegan, but they were very accommodating on that front too!). Plus, there was also a giant bathtub outside AND a fireplace! 

Here I am after stoking a fire! I was also very stoked, as you can see (har har)  And I was in one of their waaaaaaay too comfortable robes. No joke, I lived in that robe for the few days I was there.

One of the best parts of the stay was the fooooood! I had their avocado toast every day! (I proudly wear my millennial badge, lol)


I EVEN HAD A 5 COURSE TASTING MEAL PREPARED ESPECIALLY VEGAN JUST FOR ME!!!! Unfortunately, there was low lighting and I was super blissed out, so I didn’t get any good pictures of it, but here’s my description of the meal: It started out with a little quinoa, kale, and candied walnuts number. Progressed to a radishes with delicious sauce thing (I’m not into radishes but that was GOOD), then they brought out a squash soup that was AMAZING! Then a curried cauliflower dish, which was where I died because it was like the best thing on earth and I was so full. Finally, they ended on this huge plate of pearl barley with mushrooms!!!! Then desert was like an Italian ice with cantaloupe sort of concoction and a sorbet with squash. The squash didn’t work as a desert combined with the sorbet IMO but everything else was ON POINT AND AMAZING!!!

After all that food, I had to bike it off on the super cute green bike they provided for each guest!!!

I hope to someday go back again. I really loved it so much! 

Here’s my vlog of my experience!!!

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