I did it. I made the HUGE CHANGE!!! I’m no longer platinum blonde!

vickie-eisenstein-new-hair-1 I had been a platinum blonde for over 4 years (I think?), and the look had been great to me! When I was living in South Korea, all the foreigner casting notices were looking for a blonde haired, blue eyed actress. It definitely helped me secure work! Plus, I can’t lie when I say, that old adage “blondes have more fun” is quite true!

However, all good things must evolve.


I had gotten to the point where dying my hair platinum blonde was seriously burning my scalp. It was a bizarre form of torture to visit the hairdresser. Albeit, we all know the adage, “beauty is pain”, but should beauty really be burning agony? Should beauty make you want to dunk your head in aloe vera and scratch it all away? Probably not. That’s a medical danger.


So, I decided to go back to brunette! I’ve gone lighter than my natural color, a more honey-brunette – if you will – with some blonde highlights thrown in.

Here’s the YouTube Vlog I made about my transition from platinum blonde to brunette with blonde highlights. It covers the whole time I spent in the salon and shows each of the steps from the first filler dye to the blonde highlight foils! Check it out if you’re interested in the salon process of going from a dyed platinum blonde to a brunette with blonde highlights! I kind of feel like Rachel Green now 🙂


If you’re interested in getting your hair dyed at the same place I did, I got my platinum blonde to brunette with blonde highlights job done at Interlude Salon in Chicago, Illinois! My stylist’s name is Chris and she is fantastic! She’s the one who made me platinum blonde to start with! On my first try at going blonde, I was an odd, golden retriever color, lol 🙂

Thanks for reading! I appreciate it!

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