Today’s episode features Jonald Reyes!

Jonald Reyes is a director, producer, and actor here in Chicago! His recent project “Blackfish The Musical” is a HUGE HIT (That’s right, it’s based on the 2013 documentary about the horrors of Seaworld!) “How do you make THAT into a musical”, you ask? You’ll find out! In this episode, I chat with Jonald about Blackfish, his name, the Philippines, his Asian-American comedy troupe Stir Friday Night, and more!

Other credits: Jonald was named Chicago Reader’s Best of Stage Director (2012, 2013, & 2014)! He’s an Associate Producer for Chicago’s Sketch Comedy Festival, Women’s Funny Festival, and Musical Improv Festival, and Producer of the Chicago Improv Festival 2015. AND, He is the Program Manager for the Artists Lab at Stage 773. Talk about street cred!

Jonald’s Links:
Jonald’s Website | Jonald’s Twitter | Blackfish the Musical | Stir Friday Night

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