Today’s episode features Chore Boy!

“Sleep at your own peril”! In this episode of The Eisenstein Effect, I chat with rapper, actor, and comedian Chore Boy (aka Dan Rahrig) about his latest rap albums, how he got into hip hop, his feelings on art and collaboration, his tattoos, his religion, his tribe, #BelovedGang, and more! PLUS, he raps a verse off his new album and he FREESTYLES!

Chore Boy is a rapper, comedian, actor, & cultural personality based in Chicago. You can catch him around Chicago performing as a solo act, or as a member of Dave Korea, Jamprov, or B.C.G.M. Any which way on any given day it’s #BelovedGang. Chores is currently dropping a song a week online in addition to his debut album D.R.U.G.S. out April 30.

Chore Boy’s Links:
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