In this episode of The Eisenstein Effect:

I interviewed C.J. Tuor! You may know him from around town in Chicago because he is incredibly active in the comedy community! He’s an actor at The Second City and the founder of Hitch*cocktails at The Annoyance Theater (Check out the website and Twitter)

C.J. and I discuss his love of Hitchcock movies, sci-fi, and comedy! We delve into what got him into the genre in the first place, the origin story of Hitch*Cocktails, genre improv, comics, desert islands, super powers, and more!

We even improvise a scene! (The audio of this episode includes the UNCUT improv scene in the style of Hitchcock!)
In a rare turn of events, C.J. flipped the tables on me! He came to the interview (and when I say came, I mean he let me into his apartment) fully prepared with a CRAPLOAD of trivia questions for me! That’s right, we play a drinking game!!!! This is truly an episode where the full audio of the interview includes SO MUCH MORE than the YouTube interview!

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