Today’s episode features comedian, actor, and LOVELY PERSON: Jamie Campbell

I can’t gush enough over this man! Jamie Campbell is the REAL DEAL. Not only is he a stand-up comedian, he’s also an improvisor, actor, and teacher! And, a FAMOuS ONE TO BOOT! His comedy album was #1 on Amazon and also topped the charts of iTunes at #3! Check out “Tell Me Your Proud of Me” on Amazon here or iTunes here!

In this episode, Jamie and I talk about beginning of his stand-up career, how he teaches – where he derives his inspirations, his disillusionment with grad school, and so much more! We also discover his Tough Enough alter-ego, and do some improv together!

Listen to the audio of the interview on SoundCloud or iTunes below:

Listen to the episode through iTunes here!

Check out the video of the interview on YouTube!


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