When it comes to the diversity of dishes you can have delivered right to your door, nothing beats all the options you can find in Seoul.

Every day the door is plastered with advertisements for all sorts of different restaurants that offer delivery services (the selection is primarily comprised of chicken and pizza places, but you can get all sorts of traditional Korean favorites and Chinese food too ^^)

The other day I discovered that I could order one of my favorite Korean dishes of all time: 찜닭 (A yummy dish of chicken in a delicious brown sauce with some clear noodles and veggies). A bin came that was seriously big enough to serve 6 or so people.

Then of course, there’s always your choice of grilled chicken/fried chicken/baked chicken/chicken lathered in sweet and spicy sauces chicken! We got some from Hotsun Chicken (핫썬치킨) the other night ^_^

I love the box design.

Okay, I think we’ve established that I have a thing for chicken…

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