Today I woke up early early style and got my butt over to Glendale to meet up with the producer of the DVD, John. Then we drove out to South Coast Plaza because we were having the premier @ the Charlie Palmer restaurant. There were some really interesting h’or d’oeuvres…

The beet salad was yummy! I had two ^_^

But I really have no idea what the following concoction was…

… so much for being classy!

Anyway, we had a screening and then all the cast and crew and production got to give some speeches about the making of the short. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the piece! Yay for positive reviews!

Afterwards we grabbed some real lunch and then I headed back to Glendale with John where we got dinner with his wife! (Korean food ~ yum!)

When I got home I wrote some thank you notes. And now I should really get my butt in bed cuz I have to wake up in less than 4 hours =(

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