On Thursday I helped out at the US-China Real Estate Summit in San Gabriel @ the Hilton. It’s always fun for me to practice my Chinese. I’m a big nerd, so I love any opportunity to learn. I had also spent a lot of time prepping the models with how to say their lines in Chinese, so it was great to see them succeed at delivering them.

When I came to LA, the last thing I expected was that I would end up singing to a ballroom full of Chinese people, but that’s what happened on Thursday! There was a lack of communication and someone sang the American national anthem at the beginning of the conference, but no one was told to sing the Chinese national anthem. What scandal! Truly, the makings of an international incident! So, the producer of the meeting had me learn the song in an hour and sing it right before lunch.

Unfortunately, no one told me that the song repeats itself two times… -.-;;
前进!前进!前进!进!And then it starts again! 起来!Well, that was kind of awkward and threw me off my game. Someday the video footage of that will probably end up on youtube and I’ll just hide under my desk to avoid acknowledging the second half.

The after party was totally bomb, however, verdad, mucho divertido ~ I invited out some friends and we had a lot of fun sippin’ cognac and wolfing down filet mignon and yogurtland, hehe.

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