FLART Pre-Show Selfie
A FLART Pre-Show Selfie 🙂

On Tuesday FLART performed with Stoop Kidz in the Mpaact Summer JAMS series at Greenhouse Theater Center. We had an amazing time! There were multiple foiled assassination attempts, an MIA father who brought chairs home after his year-long absence, French omelets on Mt. Everest, and weddings! Plus child abuse! Yay!!!!


This Saturday FLART will be performing TWICE! We are opening for Chicago Improv Production’s The Collage at 7:30pm and The Dean Bravos’ show at midnight – all in The Second City’s awesome theater: Donny’s Skybox!


Come one, come all!


I’m also performing in another round of coached ensembles tonight and this week is crazy filled with auditions and rehearsals, so I’ve been neglecting this site. Excuses! Excuses! Sorry!

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