A couple of days ago, a reporter from Arirang Radio, Jennifer Lee, visited my improv troupe (Seoul City Improv) in search of people to interview for a program called “Travel Bug” with DJ Lisa Kelley. I gladly volunteered to chat with her about my experiences traveling in Korea and eating all sorts of bizarre foods (from an American perspective). We chatted about my recent trip to Chunchon, jade, eel soup, live octopus, and all sorts of other stuff


The interview is going to be aired this Thursday ( 12/13 tomorrow) around 9:20am – 9:35am.


You can tune in a couple of ways:

2. DMB on your mobile phone (look for Arirang Radio)
3. FM (only available in Jeju & Seoguipo): Jeju FM 88.7 & Seoguipo FM 88.1


So if you have time, feel free to have a listen 🙂

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